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Welcome to Weird SEO

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My name is Kevin Hemminger. I have a strong background in computer programming, web design, bot creation, data mining and Search Engine Optimization. I am currently offering consultation and programming assistance in creating complex web scrapers and automated bots.

Do you have a profitable business model that is hindered by the fact that it requires data mining or automation that isn't supported by tools available in the marketplace? I can build a solution to implement your ideas.

Link Building Strategies

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Webmasters face a challenge in building high quality backlinks. One common tactic to build links involves the self-generated type (you know, the kind you get yourself). Now, more than ever, these links must be high quality -- as low quality links can harm your rankings. Weird SEO guides you through the best article directories, free web2.0 blogs and social networking websites.

Many of you may be thinking (with merit), that the above linking methods are SOOO 1st quarter 2012 (like -- ancient history, man). However, self-generated links still have their place.

I've been putting together instructions on how to set up free blogs at the highest quality free blog sites available. Please check back January 1st, 2013 for the updated list.